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An Update on “The Move”


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You would think that I’d be a pro at this moving thing since we do it every two years. This in-town move has been our worst move yet! LOL! The house is coming along, but geez is it coming along S-L-O-W-L-Y. As soon as I find the camera again, I’ll upload the pics I’ve taken so far. (Yes, it’s been one of those moves.)

We elected to clean and paint this rental house ourselves in exchange for not being charged to start start moving our stuff in two weeks early. Sounds like a great deal, eh? You should have seen the way the previous tenants left the house before you jump to that conclusion. We were thinking that even if we had the landlord clean it for us, we would have cleaned it again ourselves. We always do. So we thought it would save a step, and time, if we did it ourselves. HA!!!!!! The joke’s on us for sure. Every surface was sticky. We’re talking walls, counters, showers, tiles, wood floors, door knobs, light switches, etc. EVERYTHING. The grease in the kitchen alone should have sent me running for the spa hills.

Not everything has been horrid, though. We were super blessed to have my in-laws for a few days to help us clean a bit and paint. They also filled the garage with woodworking and power tools! My hubby is a wonderful carpenter when he has the time. :) While they were here we were able to paint the living room, dining room (school room), downstairs bathroom and the playroom! My mother-in-law also turned me on to my new favorite cleaning toy. This bad boy will be getting its very own post. That’s how awesome it is. It saved me HOURS on the floors alone. I didn’t have to get down on my hands and knees to scrub the floors. Not once! :happy sigh: The Hubster heard how awesome this thing was from his Mom and he asked if it would help me. I said that I was sure it would! So, he went and bought me one that day. How awesome is that guy?! Love him to bits. :)


That’s Mama’s little happy toy! It’s the BISSELL Lift-Off Steam Mop, Titanium. I cannot say enough good things about it. Like I said, I’ll do a full write-up on it soon. I took some before and after pics and shot a little video of it in action. Mine is red, but I kinda wish the store would have had this blue one. LOL! Kidding! I love mine no matter the color. :D

Anyway… We’ve painted eight rooms so far. I just have the kitchen left to paint, but I still have to paint the trim in pretty much ALL of the rooms. The living room trim and the school room trim are almost complete. That’s how bad the people left it. I couldn’t even get the baseboards clean. I have to paint them. But, it’s all good. This house is already working out so much better than the other one we had here. The kids have a basketball hoop out back, the yard has a fence, there are huge trees for plenty of shade and there is a marina right across the street for dropping the kayaks in the water. There is lake access like two blocks away, so we can just walk to the lake now! Everyone is out doing things…walking, biking, etc. They actually SPEAK to you when they go by. :gasp: And, the kids in this neighborhood aren’t sneaky! Like I said, this is going to be so much better for our family. :)

So, here’s where we stand: we now have a functioning living room, playroom, kitchen (for the most part), laundry room (again, for the most part), downstairs bathroom, almost a guest room, the boys’ room, and the upstairs bathroom is almost done. Our bedroom is a disaster to say the least. And you really can’t even walk in the school room yet. :D

I’ve been focusing so much on trying to get the house in order that I let things here slide too much. Sorry about that! :) I’m really hoping that I will have the house in complete working order by Aug 1st. That’s my goal. I’m giving myself plenty of time so that I don’t feel like I’ve failed if I take longer to do it. Moving with a broken foot (YES, it’s still broken) is extremely time consuming. LOL!!!

Thank you for sticking with me during the move! :)

I have some reviews that I will be posting soon. Besides the one for the Lift-Off, I have reviews coming up for KidCoder and Grapevine Studies. You don’t want to miss those. We absolutely LOVE them both! I’ll also be posting some good tips on moving with kids and pets. ;)

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