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Homeschool Gym at the Local YMCA


Homeschool Gym Class at the Y

Today is the last day of our homeschool gym group until after summer. We missed a lot of this year because of my broken foot. I couldn’t drive with the cast on and it was really hard to get used to having the boot on when I first got it. Of course I’m a pro at it now since we’re going on month six of dealing with it! But, that’s for another post. ;)

I’m super bummed to see the end of our homeschool gym group, though. The boys love it and I loved the time with other moms. I don’t know many people here, so it’s nice to have some people that share our way of life to hang out with. Even if it’s only once a week. :) ┬áThe guy that “teaches” the kids is awesome, too!

His name is Kenneth. He’s probably 20 yrs old or so. The kids LOVE him! He doesn’t talk down to them or treat them like they’re a bother. He plays with them and teases them like they are his siblings or somethings. The kids just eat it up. He works with the after-school kids, too. I think he’s definitely in the right line of work.

To show our appreciation of Mr. Kenneth, the boys got him a gift card. I made a simple thank you card to put it in. It’s not much, but I wanted to give him something to say thanks for keeping our kids moving and for showing them a great time. Our boys had seriously never played kickball until our homeschool gym class!

Thank you card I made for our homeschool gym teacher

Simple Thank-you Card for Homeschool Gym Teacher

Kenneth had them playing dodge ball, basketball, kickball and some other games. They got to play with those little flat square scooters. Remember those? They were the BEST thing ever! Until you ran over your fingers. Then it was pain on par with stepping on a Lego barefoot. The kids would get on them and race across the basketball court and slam into the pads on the walls. So you hear a sound like roller skates and then BOOM! Hilarious!!

So, thank you Mr. Kenneth for a wonderful year!

Do you belong to a homeschool gym or PE co-op? If not, start one up at your local YMCA! It really is an awesome program and ours doesn’t require you to be a member to go to the homeschool gym co-0p. We pay a small fee and that’s it! We are members, but you don’t have to be. :)

Do you give gifts to your kids other teachers? At co-op or Sunday School, maybe? I’d love to hear what you give as teacher appreciation gifts. Let me know in the comments below! Thanks!!

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