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Vegan Education Materials for Kids


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I had someone ask me about vegan education materials for kids on the Vegan Homeschool Facebook page. I can’t believe I haven’t talked about this before! It’s always just been a part of our day, so I haven’t really done a lot of research on the matter. I know of a few things, but that’s not good enough for you guys! So, I spent yesterday and this morning online searching for all of the free and paid resources I could find. I will absolutely let you know which ones were free at the time I found them and which are ones you will need to purchase (or maybe score at the library). Today’s post will be books. Tomorrow I will post any online resources I’ve found. I started out putting them all in one post and it just ran way too long! :)

Now, the woman that asked for this has a third grader that wants to eat like their 17 year old omni big brother. What kid doesn’t want to be like their big bro?! I think that having the brother tell the little one that he thinks it’s awesome that the little one is vegan would go a long way in keeping the third grader vegan. And maybe it will make the 17 year old think a bit about going vegan! Or at least veg! :)  

Not all of the resources I found are going to be quite at the third grade level. But I think they’re all totally doable with Mom’s help and guidance. 

First up is the hottest vegan book for kids ever. It is supremely awesome!! Lots of controversy (which totally got the book in front of people that never would have known it existed, which is awesome!) over this one. Meat companies weren’t happy. Dairy peeps were not thrilled. ;) The book is called “That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals: A Book About Vegans, Vegetarians, and All Living Things” by Ruby Roth. Ruby has a few books on veganism for kids. I’ll be linking to them all. This is available as a hardback or paperback. No Kindle version.

 Here is the description from the Amazon page:

That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals uses colorful artwork and lively text to introduce vegetarianism and veganism to early readers (ages six to ten). Written and illustrated by Ruby Roth, the book features an endearing animal cast of pigs, turkeys, cows, quail, turtles, and dolphins. These creatures are shown in both their natural state—rooting around, bonding, nuzzling, cuddling, grooming one another, and charming each other with their family instincts and rituals—and in the terrible conditions of the factory farm. The book also describes the negative effects eating meat has on the environment. A separate section entitled “What Else Can We Do?” suggests ways children can learn more about the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, such as:“Celebrate Thanksgiving with a vegan feast” or “Buy clothes, shoes, belts, and bags that are not made from leather or other animal skins or fur.” This compassionate, informative book offers both an entertaining read and a resource to inspire parents and children to talk about a timely, increasingly important subject.


Up next is another of Ruby Roth’s books called “Vegan is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action“. This book goes a bit beyond “That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals” in that it tells kids how their actions spread the love. This is a great activist book for kids! This one is only available as a hardback.

Here is the description from the Amazon page:

In Vegan Is Love, author-illustrator Ruby Roth introduces young readers to veganism as a lifestyle of compassion and action. Broadening the scope of her popular first book That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals, Roth illustrates how our daily choices ripple out locally and globally, conveying what we can do to protect animals, the environment, and people across the world. Roth explores the many opportunities we have to make ethical decisions: refusing products tested on or made from animals; avoiding sea parks, circuses, animal races, and zoos; choosing to buy organic food; and more. Roth’s message is direct but sensitive, bringing into sharp focus what it means to “put our love into action.” Featuring empowering back-of-the-book resources on action children can take themselves, this is the next step for adults and kids alike to create a more sustainable and compassionate world.


Our next book is “Steven the Vegan” by Dan Bodenstein. This one is all about how to explain to your friends what it means to be a vegan. And maybe a bit about how to bring them over to the Dark Side. ;) This is a really cute little book! Some of the information is a little too “kidified”. As I understand it, there’s one part about how eggs would hatch into baby chickens. Well, no. Laying hens lay eggs period. If there’s not a rooster around, she’s still going to lay eggs. I understand the point he was trying to make, but I would explain to your kiddo how that really works. I would say that this one is for K-2. This one has a Kindle and paperback version. The Kindle version is not available to borrow.


And here’s the description from Amazon (there’s a typo that I corrected):

On a field trip to a local farm sanctuary Steven’s classmates learn that he is a vegan. Steven proceeds to explain to them what that means and why animals are his friends, not his food. The story teaches children where their food comes from, and why Steven has chosen not to partake of foods that come from them. It is a lightweight tale that teaches one aspect of a vegan lifestyle, and help vegan children learn ways of explaining their lifestyle to others.


Next we have “We’re Vegan!” by Anna Bean. The reviews for this book are absolutely glowing! Preschoolers through grandparents all love “We’re Vegan!” and it’s message of compassionate living. This one is free for Kindle owners to borrow!! There is a paperback version as well as the Kindle version.


Here is the description:

Petra and John are vegans. But what does that really mean? And why are so many people going vegan? And what DO vegans eat? This book makes it all clear.
The vivid drawings and rhyming verses will delight children aged three to eight, and explain the vegan philosophy clearly to both vegans and non-vegans of all ages.
This book addresses THE social justice issue of the century: how humans treat the non-human animals that they share the planet with.

The reviews really sum it all up. Take a look!

Our final book for today is another by Ruby Roth called “V is for Vegan: The ABCs of Being Kind“. This is an ABC book of veganism. This one says ages 3-7/grades P-2. This one is not free on Kindle, but there is a Kindle version as well as the hardback.


And the Amazon description:

Introducing three- to seven-year-olds to the “ABCs” of a compassionate lifestyle, V Is for Vegan is a must-have for vegan and vegetarian parents, teachers, and activists! Acclaimed author and artist Ruby Roth brings her characteristic insight and good humor to a controversial and challenging subject, presenting the basics of animal rights and the vegan diet in an easy-to-understand, teachable format. Through memorable rhymes and charming illustrations, Roth introduces readers to the major vegan food groups (grains, beans, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and fruits) as well as broader concepts such as animal protection and the environment. Sure to bring about laughter and learning, V Is for Vegan will boost the confidence of vegan kids about to enter school and help adults explain their ethical worldview in a way that young children will understand. 


I hope this list of vegan education materials for kids was helpful to you! Remember, these are just some of the books that are available. Tomorrow I will bring you online resources!

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