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Where has the week gone?!


Have you ever had a week just get away from you? This week has totally done that to me! :)


We are in the middle of moving and I swear this week has only had two days in it. It’s not one of our Big Moves, just moving across town. The people we are renting our current house from are less than desirable, so as soon as our lease was close to ending we began looking for another place. We have another year in this town, so we won’t have to worry about breaking a lease early.

We made a deal with the owner of our new place that we would clean it, instead of him having to hire someone to do it, if he let us start moving our stuff over there before our lease begins. With my foot being in a boot since it’s STILL broken, and me getting sick, it’s been a tough two weeks. LOL!

I just wanted to let you all know that things should be back to normal around here next week. If I don’t lose my mind by then. :D




  1. Sounds like you’ve been extra busy & I know you’ll be glad when things are back to normal. I look forward to reading about your new place! Take care of yourself.

    • Tamara, it’s crazy! LOL! We move a LOT with J’s work, so I should be used to it. Just too many things working against us this time (broken foot, whatever’s making me ill, etc). Complaining aside, we were blessed to find the house we did so I’m grateful. :) You’re right about being glad to get back to normal, though! LOL!

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