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Crazy Weather


(I had planned to write about a cool site I came across today, but I am beat. The power just came back on a few mins ago and I wanted to post quickly. :) More on that site tomorrow.)

My goodness!! The weather here today has been INSANE! Everything started out sunshine-y and gorgeous and before supper was half way done the power was out. C-to-the-razy!

We took the opportunity to break out some candles, do an extra history lesson and play a rowdy game of Yahtzee. The lights came back on during Yahtzee.

Good thing, too. We are on a farm. With a well. That has an ELECTRIC pump. Can’t flush the potty without water! LOL!!

The rain is still falling but we have power and we’re safe and dry. I hope everyone else is, too. Good night!

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