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Evaluation time…


I’ve hit that point of the year where I evaluate where we are VS where I want to be at the end of the year.    ::sighgroansigh::

I keep telling myself that I’m not going to freak out. The kids are advancing, they’re happy and learning. But, I feel it. I feel the freak out coming on.

“Are we reading enough?”

“Are we focusing on the classics enough?”

“What about the math? How’s that?”

“Am I pushing too much? Not enough?”

“OMG! WHAT ABOUT SOCIALIZATION?!!!”   ::gigglesnort::  Had to throw that in there for the anti-homeschool faction.  ;)


I am sure that a quick google will prove that I am not alone in this. Does that help? Eh.


  1. When ever I start to freak about what is happening in our schooling life I remember I am not teaching my children facts and dates I am trying to teach them how to learn. More than I want to teach them history or science I want to teach them the tools to find out more about any subject. My goal is not to get them through 12 years of school but to install a love of learning.

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