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Free ebook collections


We all know what the Kindle is, right?  There’s also the NOOK. In case you’re not in the know, these are portable ebook readers.

Did you know that Amazon has free apps to be able to read Kindle books on your computer, ipad, cell phone, etc? Barnes and Noble has free ones for NOOK books, as well. That’s super cool and all, but did you also know that both companies have collections of FREE ebooks?! Some are classics and some are limited time deals. These are not boring ebooks that noone wants to read. No sir! An example, you say?

BAM! How about an entire collection of free high school upper level courses like Chemistry, Calculus, Engineering, etc?!!

Free CK-12 Foundation Kindle ebooks

It’s not just textbook type things, though. There are tons of free novels as well. Even self-help books. Heck, you can get a few versions of the Bible for free! It’s crazy cool. Seriously. FYI, Amazon’s selection is infinitely better than Barnes and Noble.

Barnes and Noble free eBooks

Free eBook collections links at Amazon

Project Gutenburg also has tens of thousands of free ebooks that you can read on your Kindle or other device. Excellent, excellent resource!!!

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