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Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie Recipe for Kids


We have a Green Smoothie recipe that is great to introduce your kids to green smoothies. I know it’s hard to get your kiddos to try something like this if they haven’t been raised drinking them. This green smoothie recipe is light on the leafy greens, but it is wonderful for easing your kids into the wonderful world of green smoothies!

If you can’t get your kids on board with just trying a sip, put it in an opaque cup with a lid. A lot of kids can’t get past the green color. You don’t want to fight them, but there’s nothing wrong with a little subterfuge! :D Or, you can call it a monster smoothie. Our boys found that hilarious!! Frankenstein Smoothie.

Our boys prefer green smoothies over green juice, with one exception. I make a green juice that tastes like chocolate milk! It’s romaine lettuce, 1/2 green apple and a carrot. Unreal.


Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie for kids


Green Smoothie for Kids


1-2 leaves from a dark green (kale, spinach, romaine, etc – romaine is the mildest flavor)

1 Granny Smith Apple

1 frozen banana (peel and slice it before you freeze it!)

1/2 cup water if necessary to thin it out

1/2-1 cup ice (optional)



Depending on your blender, you’ll either start with a bit of water and the apple or with the ice and then the banana. We have a Ninja and we have to start with the ice first, then the banana, then the apple and greens. The big thing is to get it SMOOTH. No big chunks or your kids will probably be turned off immediately.


Please don’t be afraid to try this with your kids! If they’re super not into it, you drink it and give it a try again later. Be sure to ask what it was that they didn’t like. If it was the texture, try playing around with it! If it was the taste, find out what was wrong. Was it too sour? Too much leafy greens? You can adjust it to your kids’ tastes! Try Googling “green smoothie for kids” and see what you come up with. I’m sure there are tons of recipes out there!

Please feel free to contact me!! I am always here to help. You can leave your question in the comments below or use the Contact Me tab at the top of every page. 

If you try this green smoothie for kids, let me know how your little ones liked it! Drop me a line in the comments section below. I love hearing how these things turn out for you. :)

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