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Homeschool graduation


No, my kids aren’t graduating. Aw, I had a little sad moment there thinking about the fact that my kids *will* someday graduate. But, I digress. My boys are not nearing graduation, but I had an interesting conversation with a friend today about graduation.

She has three boys. Her middle boy, K, is the same age as our oldest son. She has a son, J, that is 10. J is a super smart kiddo (not that the others aren’t!) and he is currently set to graduate when he is 16. From public school. It always impresses me when kids are able to make it in the public school system. They are very lucky to have a system that is in a small town and is super willing to work with them for J’s best interest. Anyway, I digress again. Imagine that.

We started talking about my boys and when they would graduate. How do you know when they’re done? Is there an age? A list to go from? Hmm… ¬†This has crossed my mind before, but I always just kind of tucked in back into my mind for a later date. Well, it’s a later date! So, my thoughts on homeschool graduation:

*I don’t think I should set a “time goal”. No age or year that I think they should be ready for the next step. That said, I don’t see myself being confident in them taking that next step (college, fingers crossed) before 16. And I think that is still wicked early for my guys, but who knows how they will change and mature between now and then?

*I refuse to be disappointed or upset if they go beyond the typical age of graduation. If they feel that they need another year of study before they’re ready for college, great! I will applaud them for being mature enough to recognize that.

*I am not sure how to handle things if G is ready to graduate at the same time as B.

*I will cry.

Just my thoughts as they stand now.  :D

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