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Homeschooling family on a farm


Exciting stuff today! We’re going to visit a local farm here in TN that belongs to another homeschooling family. Their story is pretty cool! You can read all about it at It pretty much mimics how I am feeling drawn to live sustainably, minus all of the meat and dairy of course.  ;)

We are going to buy handmade soaps and salves! I will absolutely report back how they are. I am very picky about soaps and any herbal/homeopathic remedies we use, so it would be awesome to have a local source for these. Bonus: the herbs all come from her garden or are wildcrafted! Plus, she just sounds really nice. That’s saying something nowadays.  ;)  (<— I do that a lot!)

I hope the boys will get a lot out of this trip. I am wanting them to be comfortable on a farm as I to one day have our own. We have started growing some foods and they are very involved in that. Baby steps, m’dears!

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